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er side when the● king was lingering long in prayer, and t●he pagans were prepared and had haste


ned t▓o the place of conflict.Alfre●d then being second in command, when he could ▓no longer endu


re the ranks of the foe,▓ except he either retreated from the fight, or ●dashed fo


rward against the hostile forces befo▓re his brother’s arrival, at last boldly●,

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iest should end the Mass, no r woul▓d desert the divine
service fo r the hu● man.And he
did as he had said, wh▓ich f
aith of the Ch img ristian ki
ng availed g img r●eatly w
ith the Lord, as i img img
n the se img img
▓quel shall be fu img img
lly shown.The img img
Christia img img
ns, the▓refor e, had decre

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after the manner of a wild boar, ▓guided the Christian forces aga●inst the foe as had been deter▓mined, though still the king had not com●e.Thus relying on the guidance of▓ God, and supported by Hi

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s help, with the● lines drawn up closely, he moves f●orward the standard with speed agai▓nst the enemy.But to those who know n●ot the place it must be explained tha▓t the site of the battle was une

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qual for th●e belligerents, for the paga▓ns had occupied beforehand a higher ●position; but the Christians drew up▓ their lines from a lower plac▓e.There was also, in the sam●e place, a single tho

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rn-tree of very sma●ll size, which we ourselves have seen ▓with our own eyes.Around this, th

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